Monday, June 06, 2005

Something special this way comes

We're having a busy, busy month on Habbo Hotel Singapore. Each week something new and fun's been happening, and the hotel is growing. Now we're consistently hitting 1000+ users during peak periods, and that's really cool.

This week sees something neat planned for Habbo Hotel Singapore... Only 1 1/2 days more to the newsie and that something neat! :) I, personally, cannot wait for this something special.

We're having a game event to celebrate this special thing - Orbit. It's a Habbo game I learned from the US Hotel. Apparently it was created by a US Habbo named jeremycoo, and it's a whole lotta fun. It's the kind of game you play giggling uncontrollably because your Habbo looks so funny while at it. Come by my [Orbit] rooms 1830 SGT this Thursday June 9th and see for yourself. :)